Tanzania Educational Advancement Through Export Marketing

Tanzania Educational Advancement Through Export Marketing (TEATEM) has been registered in the United Republic of Tanzania since 8 April 2009 under the Non Governmental Organization Act of 2002. Our registration number is 3048. TEATEM has a Tanzania Revenue Authority Tax Identification Number (TIN) of 108-698-268.

Mission Statement: To ensure that quality education is available and affordable to all Tanzanians. To aid Tanzanian owned companies find / expand export markets for their products and to promote Tanzanian tourism dependant businesses.

TEATEM Board of Directors

Mwl. Lenny Mjema - Board Chairperson

Lenny Mjema - TEATEM Board ChairpersonMwl. Mjema is the Kilimanjaro Region Chemistry Facilitator and is head of the Chemistry department at Mawenzi Secondary School, a public school in Moshi, Tanzania. She has a lifelong commitment to making quality education widely available.

Mwl. Peter Nawa - Executive Secretary

Peter Nawa TEATEM Executive SecretaryMwl. Nawa earned his masters degree in Education Management and Administration from the University of Dar es Salaam. He is currently completing a second masters degree from University of Dodoma. He is on the staff of Kiboroloni Secondary School, a public school where he teaches geography.

Mwl. Marcia Msury - Treasurer

Marcia Msury TEATEM Treasurer Mwl Msury has been a headmistress at various government run secondary schools for the past 16 years. She is currently the headmistress at Mawenzi Secondary School in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania. She is pursuing a masters degree in education. Mwl Msury has an excellent reputation for getting things done efficiently.

Ron Rieckenberg - Founder

TEATEM Founder Ron RieckenbergMr. Rieckenberg is an American who has been living in Tanzania since October 2009. He has done volunteer work teaching Maths and English at a secondary school level and has organized and taught computer skills to secondary school teachers. Using his background as a tennis instructor, Mr Rieckenberg conducts tennis clinics and promotes physical education in schools. He uses his experience in web design as a means of partially funding TEATEM's office and organizational expenses.

John C.Matiko - Board Member

TEATEM Board MemberMr Matiko is from Butiama, in the Mara Region of Tanzania. He has extensive experience as a mountain and safari guide and had the pleasure of meeting a wide variety of clients from other parts of the world and has had the opportunity to travel through much of Tanzania. Through conversations with his clients and through his observations, the availability and quality of education in Tanzania has sorrowed him. He has become passionate about wanting to improve the situation and realizes that he is blessed with being in a position to coordinate his clients who have a desire to help the country with TEATEM's education projects.

Ernest E. Temba - Board Member

TEATEM Board MemberMr Ernest E. Temba a retired as Trade Unionist as a treasure and Administrative secretary. He now works with Kilimanjaro Porters Association as National Organization Secretary. Has long experience in personal management.

Education Projects

Our projects that are in the preparation (funding) stage include:

Projects that are ongoing include:

Marketing Projects

TEATEM, as a small organization consisting entirely of volunteers, utilizes any skills that they possess to fund the organization and the projects. There are many needs of the organization such as office space, office equipment and registration fees that are not glamorous items for donors to sponsor. TEATEM uses the skills of its founder, who is a experienced web designer to offer web design and other marketing tools to companies. The resulting income is used to fund the NGO basic needs. The bulk of websites designed are for tour & safari companies, hotels and other NGOs. As a result, the local economy benefits and our clients know that they are playing an important role in the operation of TEATEM. As you would correctly assume, this website was made in-house. Examples of other recent websites made by TEATEM include:

For more information on web design and other marketing, please contact us at teatem.ngo@gmail.com

How to Help

Donations - We are in need of funding for our projects to be successful. Since we are still a young organization, many of the expenses are coming out of the members own pockets at this point. Donations in the form of cash and computer equipment are the most beneficial. Although the idea of donating school supplies is very laudable, along with the expense of shipping it to the country, we are forced to pay duty to receive the supplies (computers are exempt from duty fees). It is much more beneficial and practical to send cash equivalent and we can boost the local economy by purchasing supplies locally. Once you send a donation you can expect an acknowledgement of the arrival of the donation; and once the donation has been used/distributed, a follow up. Please note that is some cases of donating to impoverished families, they do not wish to have photos taken of them because of perceived shame from their perspective of needing outside help. Be assured however that they are very grateful. Details for sending cash donations can be found at this link.
Packages can be mailed to:
TEATEM NGO, P.O. Box 5, Moshi, Tanzania

Volunteering - Our NGO can find good use of qualified teachers who can volunteer for stays of two months or longer (especially those who are willing to work in rural areas). Also in need are individuals who can help us in fundraising, publicity and grant proposal writing, either from inside Tanzania or from their home country. Or by choosing us for web design and marketing. We also welcome your prayers for our projects.

We thank the work of Caroline Sterner who, after completing her masters degree research in Tanzania, is aiding us tremendously through fundraising efforts in Sweden. We also thank those who are contributing to her efforts.

We also wish to thank the generosity of Tro-Peaks Adventures. They have not only supported us as a company but are recommending us to clients who wish to offer help.

Contact Information

Physical Address:
First Floor NSSF Building
Old Moshi Rd
Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 5
Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania, East Africa

telephone:+255 76359 6427 (please consider that local time is GMT +3)